One thing I have noticed being an electrician in Brighton for many years is that us Sussex dwellers are incredibly creative when it comes to electrics.

Overloaded plug sockets? Call a Brighton electricianFrom beautiful, harmonious indoor lighting that complements our vibrant City to smart electrical design that floods our homes with sound and light, we strive for the best.  In Brighton we also get a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement from doing it ourselves.  An Englishman’s home is his Castle, so they say, and we are firm guardians of repairing our own ramparts with DIY in this part of the World.

Whilst mounting light fittings and installing electric showers are relatively simple DIY tasks, there are some things where an electrician is recommended – for safety and to save you time and money in the long run. So how do you know when to call one?

I’ve put together the top ten reasons to call a qualified Brighton electrician – so the next time you encounter one of these, skip the DIY and call an expert…

  1. Inspections and permits
    If you’re doing electrical works in your house, inspectors often have to approve it for safety purposes. The small jobs don’t need permits, such as replacing a bulb or a fan.  For major repairs, you need a permit and an inspector.If you do things on your own because you’re a whizz at DIY, it’s always a good idea to get it checked over by a qualified electrician. From condition reports, periodic inspections and PAT testing, often a quick visit will give you the peace of mind (and the piece of official paper and audit trail) you need.
  2. Circuit breaker problems
    Overloaded circuits can cause overheating, or in worst-case scenarios, start a fire in your house. Old breakers are more even prone to malfunction and I have repaired or replaced hundreds in some of the older properties in Brighton. If you notice frequent problems, call an electrician.Don’t be tempted try to attempt repairing the panel especially if you know little about electricity. You might end up electrocuting yourself or damaging the electrical panel.
  3. Overloaded plug sockets
    If you have more plugs than available outlets, you tend to add extensions which may cause overloading. Many homes in East Sussex, especially the smaller flats in central Brighton and Hove, were built before the advent of the mobile phone, tablet, desktop, electric toothbrush, chargeable headphones and all the other modern inventions that require charging every night. Installing additional outlets is a simple task for an electrician and can avoid costly and dangerous situations so call an electrician to add more outlets in your home.
  4. Electric shocks
    If you touch your light switch and you feel unusual heat or mild electric shocks, try checking the switch. Appliances in your house can also give you mild electric shocks. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with it, ask your local electrician for help. For your own safety, don’t try to repair your appliance or remove the switch by yourself.
  5. Flickering lights
    If your lights flicker while you’re using several devices at once, it can be an indication of electrical problems. Some lamps also fluctuate when you plug in a new machine. If that is the case in your home, you probably need an electrician’s assessment of the electrical condition of your house.
  6. Electrical installations outdoors
    If you’re adding electrical fixtures or installing lighting in your garden, on your decking or balcony or near your pool (for those of us fortunate enough to live on Roedean Crescent), call an electrician. Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Rottingdean and Saltdean showcase some of the best examples of outdoor lighting I have ever seen, but the water and humidity can be dangerous when installing such electrical fixtures, so please ask an expert.
  7. Old electrics
    If your house is old (at least 10-15 years old), it might need several upgrades. Ask an electrician to inspect the overall quality of your house’s electrical wirings. Outdated systems often are the cause of fires, especially in Brighton’s beautiful old mansion blocks and flats.
  8. Wet wirings
    If any wires in your house get wet, especially those with exposed wires underneath. Don’t attempt to clean it because you’re in danger of getting electrocuted. Call your electrician on an emergency callout – we will usually come out the same day for such issues – your electrician will be able to handle it safely.
  9. Buzzing sounds
    If you hear weird buzzing or humming sounds in your house, it could be that there’s an electrical problem somewhere close. If you’re comfortable with electrical wiring, you can look for the source – but I recommend you don’t try to repair it. Call your electrician to help you.
  10. Dysfunctional light switches
    If you notice that the switches in your house don’t function at certain times, it might be time to have them checked. It could be a sign of loose wires inside.

If you need a professional opinion with any of the above, call me today on 07917 181068 or contact me for a quote.  Even if just for a second opinion, it’s always better to be safe and consult a fully qualified electrician.